Jasmine + Rose Botanical Bath Salts

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Submerge your body and allow your skin to exfoliate and nourish naturally in a hot bath filled with pristine, mineral-rich salts. Scented with a Fragrance Oil infused with All Natural Essential Oils, including vetiver, cedar and cade.

It’s time to relax and remember to clear your mind and forget about your do-do list.

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt, Wild Currant and Jasmine Fragrance Oil, 100% All Natural Castile Soap and dried Jasmine buds and Red Rose petals.

8 oz.

Directions: Fill the tub with hot water, then add 4 oz of Bath Salt or Non-Botanical Salts

Slowly submerge yourself in your bathwater.

Emerge. When you feel fully ready to reenter the crazy world, slowly step out of the tub and towel yourself dry.

Reuse + Restore this handy + reusable jar anywhere in your home.

Disclaimer: We, Betsey + Giselle are not medical or healthcare professionals, therefore we will only post information that pertains to the properties of the specific ingredients that we use within our products.